Monday, December 31, 2012

January 1, noon in Seoul.

January 1, noon in Seoul.

First off, Korean Air rocks the house. Bibimbap (with directions) for dinner, steaming hot washcloths in the morning, and incredible attention to detail every moment in between (for instance, they gave the parents of little ones little bassinets and blankies).

 We arrived in Seoul at 6 AM to 22 degrees and snow, not that we will be going outside.

If you have to be in an airport for 12 hours (after a 12 hour flight) Seoul is the place to be.  I am travelling to Cambodia with three other Missoula women: Olivia the activist, Tammy the educator, and Gwen the attorney. Here are our favorite things about the Seoul experience so far.

Gwen: "The classy stewardesses on Korean Air who looked fantastic in their pale blue and cream silk uniforms the entire 13 hours as we sank into the depths of grunginess."

Tammy: "The musical lilt of the language over the intercom  - it's beautiful. And the gentle kindness of all the women."

Olivia: "The airport shower (it's free). The ability to take a shower and feel like you can be a whole person over a layover."

And me: "Love the live flowers in the airport  bathrooms. And that there are places you can lie down and rest, and lounges where you can eat and drink and work without having to be a member of some exclusive skyclub."

Half a day more here, then one final 6 hour flight to Cambodia.

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