Saturday, June 16, 2012

4:33 P.M. Saturday, June 16

4:33 P.M. Saturday, June 16

It's very slow going travelling from Missoula to Ireland. Lauren dropped me at the airport at 4:45 AM Friday, and I was still at J.F.K. airport in New York at 9 P.M. Our flight was supposed to leave at 8:30 in the evening and arrive in Dublin the following morning. I had thought, "Great! Overnight flight -  I'll sleep on the plane." I had not taken note that the flight is only 6 hours, and between the dinner service and the beverage service and some hooting passengers (they were very excited to be going to Ireland) I didn't get much rest. I'm also on the back end of a cold, and ended up in a very painful sinus situation for most of the flight. I landed in Dublin, relieved to be in fresh air, and then promptly boarded a 4 hour bus to Derry. Though no longer battling air pressure, the sinus pain got worse, and I started to feel a migraine coming on...I couldn't bear to have my eyes open, but when they were closed I felt very nauseous (it turns out there really are a lot of round-a-bouts in Ireland). I started rethinking travel in general. I mean, really, Montana is stunning. And there is lots to do and learn and experience without having to be sleep deprived and suffering...and now discretely throwing up my failed efforts at hydration into my Bernice's coffee mug (thank god I packed that).

But then we arrived, and I stepped out into the rain and there was Brian of People's Taxi's and he took me to an ATM and to the campus and gave me a broken but functional umbrella and called me love. And then there was Tremaine, a German ex-Rugby player who helped me find a Resisdent Assistant; and Rachel the wonderful Resident Assistant; and now I have internet; and I'm back to thinking travelling is a perfect way to remember about the goodness in people everywhere.

Next stop, food.

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